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HIMIN Solar Kitchen 7347
Price Range: $399.00
Solar Torch
Price Range: $35.00
U pipe solar collector
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solar windmill
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Price Range: $25.00
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Solar Module,solar panels,solar PV
Price Range: $195.00
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About Us

Himin Solar Co., Ltd (Himin), a leader in world solar industry, annual extending solar collector area reaches 3million square meters, which equals the total amount in the European Union and is twice that of North America. Himin brand is honored as Famous Trademark of China and China Environmental Label Product. Its main business includes: solar water heater (hot water solution for family), solar hot water system (hot water solution for group), solar thermal power generation, solar air conditioner and solar sea water desalination.

At present, Himin has 623 national patents, undertakes and participates in 22 national projects successively, such as the national "863"project, the national science and technology research program, the state "torch plan" and so on, and possesses core technologies such as:  interference coating, solar thermal power generation and sea water desalination. In 2009, Himin proposed world top solar technology –solar 3G which including many functions, such as: adequate hot water, 24-hours supply and all-round hot water, and realized full-automatic operation of solar system which overturn the conventional solar systems. It provides customers the world advanced hot water solution, moreover Himin combines solar hot water supply with solar heating and cooling in a best way, leading the world solar industry into a new era.
Dezhou City, Shandong Province, based on Himin, beat all the strong competitors from the USA, Japan, Italy and other countries, successfully bid to host the 4th ISCC. In September 2010, the 4th ISCC was held in Himin Solar Valley, the headquarter of Himin.

I. Himin Initiate Industrialization of China Solar Industry 
In 1996, Himin made “Solar Energy Science Paper”, until now, it has been published more than 300 million copies. In 1997, Himin initiate activities to popularize solar energy knowledge like “Solar Science Tour”, “Solar Products After-sales Service Tour” and “City environment Protection Tour”, Himin also holds activity called “Green Storm” which combine solar science exhibition, sales consulting service in thousands of cities, towns and villages.

The “Solar Science Tour” has effectively enlightened solar market in China and exploring the right way for China to popularizing solar utilization, moreover it created solar industry that is powerful and full of potential.

II. Pioneer of World Solar Industrialization System 
Normally, commercial is treated as the opposition of environment protection, while the Himin Solar Valley created by Himin Corporation developed a new way that commercial and environment coexist harmoniously, it realizes the tripartite win-win of environment, marketing and industry. Himin finished its industrialization in more than ten year, while the western countries cost 60 to 100 years, Himin seek solutions for global energy substitution and become the marker post for sustainable development of renewable energy.

Chairman of Himin Corporation, Mr. Huang Ming is the first private entrepreneur who was invited to do speech in the U.N. twice. In May, 2006, Himin was invited by U.N. headquarters to introduce Himin model to more than 100 member states of U.N. As Himin model provides the world a great sample and rich experience in renewable energy developing, in September, 2008, Huang Ming was elected as vice president of ISES and become the first people who is in the leader post of world famous renewable energy academic institution.

Himin has attracted great concern from international society, and great recognitions and considerations from international politicians and renewable energy experts such as Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Germany’s Angela Merkel, former president of international solar energy society (ISES) Monica Oliphan, Germany Freibury Mayor Salomon. More than fifty international media has reported about Himin, like CNN, the Reuters, ZDF and business week, which effectively improves the negative image of China in energy and environment aspects, meanwhile it attracts lots of international orders to Himin.

III. Impeller of China Energy & Environment Lawmaking 
Huang Ming proposed “G (green) Energy Substitution” strategy and “Clean Energy * New Village” strategy. He suggested that using solar thermal energy to satisfied thermal needs in industry, agriculture and daily life in large scale, and take efforts to promote the substitution of conventional energy, and this strategy had been listed in the develop plan of state renewable energy sources. He also made the first timetable of energy substitution on behalf of folks, we call it “Recent Substitution Timetable”: in 2020, renewable energy substitute 25%of the conventional energy, including 12% solar energy; “Metaphase Substitution”: in 2040, renewable energy substitution 55% of the conventional energy, including 25% solar energy; “Future Substitution”: in 2060, renewable energy substitute 90% of conventional energy, including 50% solar energy.

IV. Dedicator of Social Public Cause
For many years, Himin persists "appreciate the nature, contribute to society", takes social responsibility of a corporate citizenship actively, and devotes to social public cause. Huang Ming adheres on the concept "industry serves the earth, concept rejuvenate the country", and was selected as "China Charity Character" by China Charity Federation in July, 2007. Himin donates for poverty schools and other vulnerable groups. In 2006, Himin launched "solar bathroom project for rural poverty school" with Lifeline Express.

V. Standard Constitutor of China Solar Thermal Application
In China, there are less than 20 documents about solar water heater standards, and there are less than 50 international documents about solar water heater standards, however, in Himin, there are more than 350 solar water heater standards, which is 7 times that of international standard. Himin testing center was set up in Octorber1997, and now there are 20 laboratories, and more than 1000 testing items from raw material to whole unit. In January, 2009, Himin testing center passed CNAS certificate and was recognized by the country. Its testing report is equally authentic to national authority testing institute report, and recognized 45 trading countries, like America, Australia, UK, Japan, German and so on.